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30 Nov 2023 Monthly Top 5 Employment Law FAQs

1. Explain the difference between a lay-off and short-time?
2. What does ‘Secondment’ mean to Employees?
3. How do Employment Permits apply in Ireland?
4. What are Rest Break entitlements?
5. What is Workplace Mediation?

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31 Oct 2023 Monthly Top 5 Employment Law FAQs

1. Am I entitled to Garda vet potential Employees?
2. Can a minor sign an employment contract?
3. Must I give time off for Jury Service?
4. What is Voluntarism in Industrial Relations?
5. Are staff obliged to attend work if the weather is exceptionally bad?

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29 Sep 2023 Monthly Top 5 Employment Law FAQs

1. Do Employees have the right to information and consultation about developments in their workplaces?
2. Can an Employee work for another Organisation during a Career Break?
3. Is time spent On Call regarded as Working Time?
4. Is Compassionate Leave paid leave?
5. What is the Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect?

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