Are you prepared for…. new Employee rights to request remote or flexible work arrangements?

Following recent reports, it appears that new Employee rights around requesting remote and flexible work under the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023 will soon come into effect.

While we await the publication of a Code of Practice that will provide guidance to both Organisations and Employees on the exercising of these rights, it is advisable to conduct a pre-emptive review of existing HR policies and procedures to identify the relevant content that will need to be updated.

Given the high-profile nature of this legislative development, Employees are likely to have queries about how they can exercise these new rights and it will be important for HR Professionals to be prepared to handle these conversations.

For further information on how this impacts your Organisation’s employment law compliance, there is an in-depth Work Life Balance Act Section available on Linea together with Tools, Templates, Sample policies, FAQs and more that will inform your review and which will be updated in line with the details of the Code of Practice once it is published.

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