Remote And Flexible Ways Of Working

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Your definitive ‘Guide to Remote and Flexible Ways of Working’.

Remote and flexible work practices are now widely acknowledged as a key part of the evolving and agile workplace of the future, and the sudden onset of remote working due to the pandemic, has led to a broader acceptance by employers of new ways of working as a viable longer-term possibility.

With the Right to Request Remote Working Bill 2022 expected to be enacted by the summer and the Work-Life Balance Bill expected to be passed ahead of the summer recess, in anticipation of likely remote and other flexible working requests, it is critical that employers review their businesses to determine what type of alternative ways of working are suitable for their business model or for certain roles within the organisation. 

This Complimentary Guide can support you with such analysis and decision-making and includes:

  • Key Considerations – General, Eligibility, Legislative
  • Recent Trends
  • A – Z of Remote and Flexible Working Types
  • Implementing Remote and Flexible Ways of Working – Practical Steps for Employers
  • Supporting Remote and Flexible Ways of Working

eBook (Remote and Flexible Ways of Working)

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